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"Music was created to deceive and delude mankind"

~Ephorous 4th Century B.C.

Music Artists have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the first amendment.  Parents NEED to be aware of what their children are listening to and how it AFFECTS them!


    Music is an essential part of life.  Music is poetry, expression and pure entertainment. It is an outlet for emotions to be released. You can feel moved by the lyrics and feel every beat. It emphasizes emotion in a movie and breathes life into a ballet . Music is a passion and will be a necessity in every life that ever lives.

    We feel there is no problem with music containing profanity, and explicit lyrics. We think that it is most important that parents raise their children with good morals and teach them how to be a good person and know how mainstream music affects them so that music is not a negative influence.

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