Appleby, Joyce- Brinkley, Allen- McPhersenn, James. "The American Journey". New York: McGraw Hill, CW: 200

This source was our eighth grade textbook. This showed us an exact copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Bernall, Misty. "She Said Yes". US: Plough Publishing House, 1999

This book gave us specific details how the words from songs influenced teenagers to plot against killing their parents and influenced the kids to kill in the Columbine shooting.

Clinton, Bill (55 West 125 Street, New York, New York) (December 4, 2002)

This was a letter Mr. Clinton sent back to us. He gave us very helpful specifics    about events concerning advisories.

D, Davey. “ ’98 the year of the hip-hop criminal (November 4, 2002) (December 31, 1998)

This was a site on a case concerning music. It gave us information about a case concerning advisories. 

Fitzhenry, Robert I. "The Harper Book of Quotations". NY: Harper Collins Publishing, 1993

This was a book full of quotes. It gave us a positive outlook on music.

Gore, Tipper (PO Box 2346, Arlington, VA 2202) (Monday, November 25, 2002)

This was a letter Mrs. Gore sent back to us. She gave us good information on the PMRC!

Hubbard, Lee. “ Rap gets a bad rap” (1999)  (Online). Available:

This site was about a perspective of rap music. It gave us a view about rap, and what people think about it. 

McChensy, Robert. “Interview: Robert McChensy”. PBS. (2001). (Online). Available: (2001)

This was an interview online. It provided us with opinions from MTV.

Miletich, Leo N. “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Shasta College. (1 March 1981) (Online). Available:

This was a very important site for our research. It gave us important  historical quotes.

West, Thomas, G. “One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric.” The American Enterprise. (1930s). (Online) Available: (1930s)

This was a very informative web site. It gave important thoughts on lyrics and showed the first restrictions on the radio.


"American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.” (May 2000) (1997)

This site had second hand specifics on our NHD topic.

Castro, Elizabeth. "HTML For the World Wide Web". CA: Addison Wesley Longman. 1998

This book is a helpful tool for new web designers. It taught us how to write HTML.

“Censorship”. The world Book Encyclopedia. 1987

This source was a very helpful encyclopedia. It gave us specific cases dealing  with censorship.

Kramer, Barbara. "Tipper Gore: Activist, Author, Photographer". NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1999

This book was a biography on Tipper Gore. It gave us a lot of information about her role with advisories.

Margules, Lee. “Australia Considers “R” ratings for CDs.” LA Times November 13, 2002

This was a newspaper article published in the LA Times. It showed second hand about advisories trans continental.

McClelland, Deke and Eismann, Katrin. "Web Design Studio Secrets". CA: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 1998

We used this book over and over again. It was a tool which taught us to put interesting designs on our web page.

Miletich, Leo N. “(none)” Reason Magazine (March 1, 1987) Page?

This was a very useful REASON MAGAZINE. It also gave good specifics. (Example: The song that started it.)

Mitchell, Paul. “Rap, Violence, and the Fifth Estate.” Breakpoint Online (November 14, 2002) (Online) Available:

This was a web site about the influence of rap. It gave us a second hand summary of a case involving music.

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